Not detecting any sound cards

Hi Team,

I am working with kernel 4.14, debian build and 820 SoM.

When I look for the sound cards,

cat /proc/asound/cards

— no soundcards —

How to bring up the sound cards?


I believe qrtr package does some configuration to get soundcards up.
Does anyone know how this qrtr package is getting sound up??

qrtr is used by slimbus to initialize the master on the adsp, which the rest of the audio pieces is waiting for. Ensuring that qrtr-ns is running (qrtr-ns 1 or qrtr-cfg 1; qrtr-ns) should be enough for that piece of the puzzle.


Thanks for the help…
Do we have to set it manually 1 everytime board boots ?
As sound output is a must can we modify the qrtr-ns API in a way that its always set to 1.

qrtr-ns must be running, so you need to start that every time. And yes you need to launch it with the argument 1.

But isn’t there a systemd service that does this already?

I am working with linaro’s snapshot :
In this I didn’t find any system service for this purpose.
Do you know which service is enabling qrtr ??
Or is there any more reliable/stable release amongst those snapshots for DB820c??


@ymj The qrtr package is installed [1], the service should be run at init, check with,

systemctl status qrtr.service

To discard any problems at init.


I found this strange issue that randomly once in 5-10 times soundcard doesn’t get registered.
And on reboot I found soundcard & also properly working qrtr.service :slight_smile:
Donno the cause of this strange behaviour… Though thanks for your help…

Any update on the query??

I found that the instance when :
$ ps -eaf | grep wcd
root 2253 2 0 10:12 ? 00:00:00 [irq/203-wcd9335]

is running soundcard is registered.
On a reboot, there is no such process leading to no soundcard found issue.

Thanks in advance for any help in this…

can you share both working/failing log (dmesg) via pastebin.

Yes, logs are piled at
The crash occured while stopping adsprpcd.service is collected at :

System goes to RamDump mode, Soundcard is not found on next bootup too.
Please find the logs in pastebin above, Thanks in advance…