Not able to connect to the wifi


Unable to detect wifi on linux. Not sure what the problem is. I can’t figure out if it’s do with the installation of drivers. Any troubleshooting advise? Thanks!


which image are you running?
Do you have the wireless interface in ifconfig list?


I am using boot-linaro-buster-dragonboard-820c-228.img.
I don’t see any addr or interface listed in the ifconfig


Attaching the ‘dmesg’ output could help (e.g. via pastbin).


Here is the link to the pastebin of the dmesg


[ 6.120143] qcom-pcie: probe of 600000.qcom,pcie failed with error -110

It seems to be a problem with pcie. I tried the latest snapshot [1] and I do not meet this issue. I suggest you to update and let me know (your kernel is from july).

Are you using a custom 820 board or the DB820C?

boot: boot-linaro-buster-dragonboard-820c-228.img.gz
rootfs: linaro-buster-alip-dragonboard-820c-228.img.gz


I used the bootloader image and root.fs image that you provided. I’m still seeing the same issue. And I still see pcie failed with error 110 in the dmesg log. I am using DB820C.
What could be going wrong here?



So it looks like you have a hardware issue here. Do you have ethernet working?
Just in case, you can try to update the bootloader via recovery: