No video signal from Dragonboard

Hi, I have been following the guide here in the documentation.

Also read up on the power supply…

To make sure I got the right power supply I got the 25HK-AB-120A250-CP as I read that was recommended somewhere, read the technical specs for it to make sure I was using the right size power output and checked to make sure it was positive inner pin.

I have my monitor plugged in before I plug in the power but then when I power the device nothing seems to happen, I never get a signal on the monitor and I tried waiting for some time to make sure it had time to boot.

The monitor does not have HDMI so I am using an HDMI to VGA adapter, could this be the problem? I know this works for my raspberry pi but maybe not all boards support this.

Anyone have any ideas how I could debug and resolve this?

Also before reading up on the power supply I tested some of the adapters I had at home, could this have damaged my board somehow? How can I check if it did?

Hope that is enough information, any help appreciated :).

Hi @magnus,

I also end up having three HDMI display to find the one it shows the screen.

The Debian image has wider range of supporting HDMI display.
Would you like to try Debian image?



Also it is handy to have USB-UART adapter since it will show the boot massages and able to login from serial console even HDMI display is not showing on the screen.

Short intro to start your DragonBoard 410C with serial console