No response from board and overheating

The dragonboard I was using seemed to be working fine for a few days. During a normal operation, suddenly the BT LED started flashing blue, and the board stopped being discovered in Wifi network as well as in the adb or fastboot over USB. Now as soon as I plug the board to power it starts overheating and only the blue LED is on. I tried resetting and flipping the SDCard boot switch and booting the OS from an SDCard, but it didnt work. Its almost like the board is dead except the LED and overheating.
Can you please let me know what might be the issue?

Hi @amishra968,

I am also not perfectly sure what happened to your board, but it might boot by flushing the OS image again, when it does not boot.

Please refer these links for installing Android or Debian.


I tried out all the methods of flushing the OS into the device, but the issue persists. I don’t think there is any software issue, because i’ve tried out almost all possibilities which i could think of, there could be a hardware fault. I am just trying to figure what that might be.