No graphics acceleration on stock Debian install

Sorry if this has been answered already. I’ve got a HiKey running the stock Debian image, and there’s no 2D acceleration under LXDE. I’ve tried to install fbturbo, but it won’t load even though I’ve added it to my Xorg.conf. My question is, is there a simple, step-by-step guide to getting 2D/3D acceleration to work on this GPU? I’ve looked at all of the sunxi wiki pages and the 96boards page, but nothing works and there’s nothing specific to the HiKey. Let me know what logs would help.

I have the same problem, moving a window over the screen is very slow.
In the meantime I switched to the Odroid C2, which is working very well. I will
come back to hikey as soon as the basics are working.

If the Odroid works, then that makes this problem downright embarrassing, considering they have the same GPU. I’m incredibly disappointed in 96boards for this, ESPECIALLY when the board has been out for almost a year.

I’ve talked to some of the Linaro guys on IRC, and they said that they plan to merge the fixes in 1-2 weeks and will include the drivers in the next release. Gotta say, this is probably the best customer support I’ve ever had.

ok, lets see first if the job gets done.
Currently the most important issues, at least for me, are
X11 acceleration, support for USB extenders,
including drivers for the most common USB sound cards.
All these things work with the Odroid C2 out of the box, so I am sure
it can be done also for the HiKey.

Any luck with a fix for this?

I’m not sure if the HiKey project is still alive. The last release is from Nov,30 2015. Totally unusable. I will see for a few weeks if the most important things get working, if not, the board goes to ebay, but unfortunately I don’t expect to get a lot of money for this dead project.

The project is very much alive. The last reference platform build was released in March, and we’re well into planning for the June release. You can find the documentation for installing the latest release here:

Use the Reference Platform Build instead of the Linaro release. The Reference Platform is an integrated build with support for multiple boards, and that is where all engineering effort is going. The Linaro build is the old single-platform image that we’re not working on anymore.

We’re still waiting for the new driver to be published, but hope to have more news to share soon.

And yes, the current supported build we have is the Reference Platform one, so please just use that one instead (as it’s the one we’re actively developing, fixing and improving).

Any update?

Hi @jacebing,

The next Reference Platform 16.06 release is planed to be by the end of this month.
Thank you for your interest on our activity.

@ldts-atsuka Reference Platform 16.06 is now released and release notification mentions Mali support for HiKey. Does this mean the official Mali GPU drivers are now included in the Debian Jessie Reference Platform build?

The v16.06 looks haven’t yet for GPU drivers.