No display after dist-upgrade

On the official db410c linaro debian builds, release and afaik snapshot.
If you run sudo apt dist-upgrade the upgrade results in loss of display output after reboot.
Initially I thought It might have been an isolated incident, but since then have had confirmation from @sdrobertw and @Theo
@anon91830841 @danielt have you guys faced this issue yet?

@anon91830841 @danielt have you guys faced this issue yet?

It’s fairly common.

The problem is caused by the way our packaging versions the kernel and
the effect is the kernel cannot parallel install with a bug-fixed

There’s a couple of workarounds floating round the forum already (use
apt to put a hold on kernel package, or us dtupdate to fix the problem
after the update) and a workaround ships by default in the latest
snapshots (IIRC it automatically holds back the kernel package).