NFC module


I will make a NFC Android application for HiKey. Is there any compatible NFC module for HiKey? Can I just use a USB-NFC dongle?


The 16.06 Debian reference platform build for Hikey comes with a v4.4 derived kernel and all the NFC drivers are enabled by default. That means providing your USB-NFC dongle is supported in this version of the kernel it ought to work.

I can’t tell you exactly which USB dongles will be supported. However you should be able to find some clues by looking through the drivers:

Alternatively you can fire up make menuconfig on a v4.4 kernel and explore the NFC configuration options.

Sorry… I got slightly muddled between two very similar NFC questions. I’d not remembered that this question related to Android.

The answer for Android is more complex.

In general external USB readers cannot be plugged into an non-NFC tablet (for example) and hooked up via USB OTG. However it is likely to be possible to customise the AOSP/Hikey HAL to make an external USB NFC device look like a real one. However it’s a DIY option. I doubt it will work out-of-the-box so you may need to learn a fair bit about the NFC HAL layer to get anything to work.

Thank you for your help. I will try to do that and post a result.