New User of DragonBoard 410C has no display


Brian With BKM Engineering Consultancy. I recently purchased a DragonBoard 410C and the first time I boot it up I have no HDMI output.

I want to boot into Android and use Android.

I have tried feeding the HDMI into a projector as well as the monitor I use for my computer, which has an HDMI input, but I get no display and no indication the DragonBoard is outputting any HDMI.

I have not done anything to the DragonBoard, I am feeding 10.4Vots into the DragonBoard from the Power Supply.

I see the BT LED flash when I apply power, then several seconds later I see User LED 4 flash on-off at a regular rate.

What do I do next?

Brian K

The DB410C Android port requires the display be strictly HDMI compatible (e.g. DVI-D protocol via a HDMI connector is not sufficient) and able to work at FullHD. In practice this strongly limits the number of non-TV display devices that can work with the board.

One good option is to boot the debian installer from SD card (no need to actually install… just booting the installer is sufficient). This code uses an entirely different video stack and is useful to see if there really is a hardware problem or if it is simply that the display is not supported by Android.

In principle the Android code can be modified to support other video modes:

However… it takes considerable video experience even to understand this document and I’m afraid I’ve not seen any success stories (or worked examples) on the forums so far to guide you.

Hello Daniel

I am trying to use this projector: Die Domain kann nun vom Inhaber erworben werden.


Brian K

I’ve taken a look at the specifications. The downscaler looks like it supports 1920x1080p60 and there is a strong focus on CEA-861 video modes which hint that the projector understands “real” HDMI signalling (rather than just DVI-D).

Are you able to boot DB410C into Debian and grab the EDID to confirm?

Hi Daniel

Turned out the problem was an adapter was not pushed in far enough.

Thank you for your help.