Need LTE mezzanine which can support and work in India

Hello all,

I am looking for LTE mezzanine board which can support and work in India. And supports major Indian telecom operators like Jio, Vodafone, Airtel.

I am referring this one Shiratech LTE Mezzanine - 96Boards but not found much information here.

Need some suggestion here.


This might help? LTE EC25-E | Quectel
That’s the modem on the board you are referring to. Per the manufacturer’s website, “The EC25-E is optimized for networks in EMEA, Thailand, Korea, and India.”

This document shows a picture of the LTE module, indicating that it is the “-E” variant:

If you need additional clarification on the product, you should contact the manufacturer at

Thanks @doitright. I used the same module and now it is working. I am able to test LTE connectivity with my development board.