My new Ultra96V2 wont boot from SD card


I just got my board and tried to boot from a factory imaged SD (used the delkin card it came with) but the done light never comes on and the ultra96 wifi network never appears

Do i have a faulty part? are there steps i can take to debug?


Double check you followed the boot steps (SW3 button…):

If it does not work, try to re-install the system on provided or other SDCARD:

Having a debug connection to the serial/uart could be useful to retrieve boot info.

@hedra The Ultra96-v2 SD image linked in the documentation page is for Ultra96-v1. So, obviously it won’t work :frowning:

The Ultra96-v2 image is under development and should be available very soon. However, you can find the initial version of the image from Avnet’s page (I can’t share the link atm as their website is not loading for me)

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi @Mani: I got a new Ultra96-V2 kit without the SD card ! and found the image online and flashed the SD card with this below using Etcher.

The link I used :

$ ls -tlr
total 31116288
-rwxr-xr-x@ 1 shashikiran staff 15931539456 Apr 10 2018 Ultra96_rev1_sdcard_image_180409.img

Inserted ( 16GB, Microcard Class 10 Sandisk ) into the board and I dont see the Blue DONE LED !
Would appreciate if you can confirm if the image is right ? for v2.

The file name is having a “rev1” - so I am a bit concerned that it’s not the right image for this board.

Please confirm.


You are right. That image is for the Ultra96 v1. You can find he v2 image here:

I have submitted a PR for fixing this:

Please note that this image is a temporary one and will be replaced by a release image soon.