My hikey fails to boot!


I have flashed the board with the procedure indicated in the documentation. Last image 2018.08.25.

then I reboot and I boot power on. The board boots normally but during load_lpm3 step, the board reset. We can see ‘lo’ string and then back to the ‘hikey960 board id:5301’ string (in bold).
Then the usb loader is set to bootmode 4
I cannot boot the board.
Here is an extract of the log:

tm: svfd0:0000001a
load_lpm3: do_lpnv_acpufreq_papa_option
load_lpm3: modify_pmu6422_para no bugfix
load_lpm3: LPM3 load success 0x89c80000
lohikey960 boarid:5301 xloader use UART6
clear reset source
secdbg not DCU.
SecDbgVer exit

xloader chipid is: 0x36600110, start at 533ms.
Build Date: Dec 6 2017, 15:31:59
[clock_init] ++
hikey960 [hikey960_clk_init

Did you already observe something like that? Could you provide me a log from a normal boot please to compare please?


Did you try board recovery:



yes I did several times. I obtain the console options directly loaded into the DRAM of the board.
Then, I reboot into fastboot mode. I flash the entire hikey960-linaro-2018.08.25 folder using the script
I reboot in normal mode.
But I have always the crash just after the Load_lpm3 (the board is stuck during half-second) then the board reboot then I got stuck in bootmode is 4 (with fastboot mode ok).
Very weird. Maybe a problem into the PMIC?
Can you give me a normal boot log please? Can you give me a link to download the full and latest stable image you use too (I will try with a different release).