My Dragonboard is not working


I followed the starting steps, but my dragonboard 410C is just blinking for a few seconds after powering it then die forever?
I tried to flash it with ubuntu using a micro USB, but the same thing happens, flashing for few seconds then die??


Hi @Hathout,

I think you having trouble seeing the screen on your HDMI display.
Would you mind teaching us
()what you have connected on your dragenboard?
)How you connecting the items above to your dragenboard?
(*)What kind of AC adapter you are using, 12V? 2A?, what kind of DC plug it has?
for the AC adapter, there are description here too.


HI @Akira

I managed to boot ubuntu on the board, and i think the problem was the display, I connected the board with my tablet via HDMI and i thought it will work, but i think it is the problem.

Now i am searching for an alternative way to display, I think i am gonna use RCA

I found some HDMI to RCA cables with a box and power and some without power like the attachment, which will work with my Dragonboard 410C ?
*I have also an HDMI to micro HDMI

HDMI to RCA without power box


Hi @Hathout,

Great that ubuntu is booting on your DragonBoard 410C.

For the display, honestly I never had a good experience with the HDMI to RCA cables for me in the past.
I used these kind of HDMI to vga converter for a none HDMI display.

It worked for me.