My DragonBoard does not turn on


Hi all!
My HDMI monitor screen went blue when my DragonBoard was working. Then i just unppluged the board, Now, when i plug my board, the BT led only blicks once-any other led turns on. The board gets heated up (not too much) but doest not work beacuse there no HDMI signal.
It happened yesterday. I have tried many time, each attemp with long time lapse.

Please, i need to recover my board. Thanks in advance,

Best regards


Recovery instructions are here: . Try the SD card recovery method.

Come back here with any problems… and if you do have problems be sure to describe which SD card image you are using and what the LEDs do!


I have the same issues.

My board ‘appears’ not to boot up, when connected nothing displays on the monitor.

I can install boot into the SD CARD install images, install both Android and IOT core. The IoT image boots but the Android image appears not to boot.

I have watched the videos, realised it may talk longer to boot when booting the first time. Used fastboot to flash Android and still i get the same experience, almost like android does not work on the device

Is it possible that Android does not work ? or is not compatible with the versiopn of the dargonboard i have ?


I got mine working with Android

  • I may have flashed it incorrectly when used fastboot the first time.

When i got it working i used (one higher than the link)

and the matching rescue (not sure if it helped, i assume it didn’t)