More details about power management hardware for Hikey960? The "PERIPH CRG"

In the Hikey960 SoC manual, I see the following materials about the power management of A73&A553 clusters… PERICRG

      The PERIPH CRG has the following functions:
              Accesses registers over the advanced peripheral bus (APB) interface. 
              Isolates the securely-accessed register area from the non-securely-accessed register area.
              Supports enable control for timer clocks and watchdog clocks in the peripheral area.
              Controls the power-on/power-off state machine of the A73_B and A53_L cores. 

I know the software can control the state of power domains (cores, clusters,…) by writing to specific addresses (PERI_CRG module with its address starting at 0xFFF34000), and most of those operations are implemented in the Arm Trusted Firmware, EL3. But currently, I have no idea about the register descriptions of the CRG module. I’m wondering:

Is the CRG module platform-specific?
Any manual about the PERIPH CRG?

Any materials and ideas would be much helpful, Thanks~

All the documentation available for it is either on the documentation page here; or can be inferred by reading the source code applicable to the board.

I would hesitate before putting a lot of effort into making this board do anything new, since if you are not already aware, the board and the SoC have been discontinued.