Modifing in FPGA side


I am trying to add modifying in FPGA side.
I want to keep the main function blocks the same and just add one additional block.
But it looks like the sd_host_controller ip is missing in HDL & SPL Sources folder.
So, is it possible to modify in FPGA side while the main function is the same or this board is just designed to be developing in linux side only ?

Thank you.

Excuse my ignorance, but binary for sd host controller IP seems present, isn’t it enough to rebuild the blocks?

No, the board is designed to allow user to develop custom IP blocks.

I would say yes, but I need to double check that.

Please see also the inputs of my colleague:
Yes, it is possible and the sd_host_controller is also contained but this is a third-party encrypted IP where the license is required.

It is not tested on the software side, but I would recommend the following steps in order to avoid this license issue:

  1. Use the file for the project
  2. In this project, you can find the archived project, which is called CV_96.qar, restore it with Quartus
  3. From the original project, copy-paste CV_96\QSYS\intr_capturer folder to the similar place in the restored project, e.g.: CV_96_restored\QSYS\intr_capturer
  4. Open the Qsys from Quartus, and open the restored qsys file, now you should not get any error message
  5. Click to Generate HDL and if it is done then click Finish
  6. Now you can add any feature to the FPGA in the restored project

This project is using the SD Card Interface IP from the Altera University Program, but it is not tested with Linux, so it could happen that this hardware architecture is not compatible with the existing Linux system.