Mipi csi


We are interested in using the MIPI CSI interface of the X20 board with a HDMI-CSI converter chip we have. Is the MIPI CSI interface supported with the current Kernel? Also, there is currently only an Android release, will there be a Linaro supported release or Yocto layers available for the board soon?



For detailed info on CSI status you might be better off asking here:

From the replies so far it is clear that the CSI interface is supported but has only been tested with cameras (meaning you might have problems with a HDMI to CSI convert since this will introduce new (at potentially unsupported) video modes.

For the later question, whilst I personally suspect Linaro may end up doing to work on the board the work it will be on a as-needed-for-development basis (the board has several unique features), there is not a formal programme of hardware enablement by Linaro for this board. Thus there are also no plans for a Linaro-supported Debian release or Linaro-supported Yocto layer.


I did experimentally run Debian on the v3.18 Android kernel for X20 as a side-project, however I lost interest in it pretty quickly. It’s fairly easy to get things running but work is needed to get WiFi (probably easy), HDMI output (moderate) and 3DGFX (hard) running.

My work (which was mostly small fixups to the kernel to get it to compile with a recent version of GCC) is here[1] but I’ve no plans to work on this again.