MIPI CSI camera capture fail

I am testing the MIPI CSI camera(OV5645) on Android.
I modified the apq8016-camera-sensor-sbc.dtsi.
if I try to execute SnapdragonCamera app, a error is occurred as following.
[ 417.217235] msm_post_event : msm event queue not available Line 742
[ 417.224278] camera_v4l2_open : posting of NEW_SESSION event failed
[ 417.229713] camera_v4l2_open : Line 588 rc -19

what should I do to rectify this problem?

Hi kaine,

Can you please help us to integrate camera ov13850 for APQ8016 processor? how to confiqure new camera into the qualcomm APQ8016 processor?

waiting for your response,
thanks in advance,

Hi Kaine,

I am facing the same error when intergating MIPI CSI camera(OV5645) on Android N.
Can you please guide me in resolving the issue ?

N. Anvesh