Micro USB communication/debugging

I have installed Unbuntu 15.09 on the dragon board. The board boots normally and is usable if I have a keyboard and mouse attached. I wanted to connect the Dragon board to a host Linux computer over the microUSB port. I have set the baud rate to 38400 with 8N1 but I don’t get any response using this configuration. Does the Unbuntu kernel support this type of configuration? Can I get communications to work across the microUSB port?

HI ken125,

Are you trying to see the serial console of your DragonBoard from your PC?

The OTG microUSB port on the DragonBoard is not able to use it for this purpose.
You would need USB-UART adaptor.

It is sold from here.

This will be the link for using the USB-UART adaptor.

I hope this helps you,