Mediatek X20 Board code source

The code source of Mediatek X20 Board is divided into 3 parts,AOSP, Linux Kernel, SLA.

  1. Downloading the AOSP
    $ mkdir ~/develop/x20
    $ cd ~/develop/x20
    $ repo init -u platform/manifest - Git at Google -b android-6.0.0_r1
    $ epo sync –j8

  2. Downloading Linux Kernel
    $ cd ~/develop
    $ git clone
    $ git checkout helio-x20

  3. Downloading MediaTek SLA
    $ cd ~/develop
    $ curl

  4. Merge the Source
    $ cd ~/develop
    $ mv linux ~/develop/x20/kernel-3.18
    $ tar vxfz sla.tar.gz
    $ cp –rf sla/* ~/develop/x20/

About the SLA tarball, i suggest you’d better to get the latest one form, download the whole tarball mediatek-x20-aosp-16.10.tar.xz, and split the sla.tar.gz out, then merge it into the whole code source.