Mechanical / board drawing or STEP file?

Is there a mechanical drawing available for the HiKey970?
I want to design and make a camera daughter board and it would be nice to have some official documentation on connector positions, mounting holes and board outlines. A 3D STEP (or similar) file would be even better, as it will really help making housings as well.

Perhaps you need this.

Extended version is on the page 26.

Thanks for the link! I took the liberty of recreating the board layout in KiCad and generate a STEP file of the board, mounting holes and 2 connectors:

It’s not a liberty… it’s awesome!

Are you aware of the project (a collection of community designed mezzanines). The templates might be useful spring boards for your work and I don’t think there is any mechanical descriptions of the base boards in the repo at this point so you’re contribution (if you want to make it) might be valued too.