Maximum CPU temperature


Hi all,
I am running some performance tests on the HiKey board and thus I wanted to disable the frequency scaling mechanism; I set the scaling governor to “userspace”, and then set the CPU cores clock to 1.2GHz.
I discovered that when the thermal sensors detect a temperature over 50 Celsius degrees the frequency is automatically reset to the lowest.
Using a fan seems not to be enough for sustained computation at the maximum frequency.

Is it safe / possible to increase the 50 degree threshold?

Which is the maximum operating temperature for the SoC?

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We decreased the trip point from the original 70C as we noticed that often the system would not have enough time to cool down after the threshold had been reached and end up causing a system shutdown.

if you want to modify this setting, just adjust the temperature settings as done in this commit [1].

Do it as your own risk, although all you will increase are your chances of shutting down the system while in the middle of high cpu loads.