Ltrace on Android 6.0 AOSP

Does anyone have experience customizing Android?

How do you build a version of Android with the external programs, specifically ltrace (source code is under $(ANDROID)/external)? I followed these steps and was able to compile / build / and then port AOSP image of Android 6.0.1, but I don’t know how to add the external files to the build too. After building, I tried running:

mm ltrace
mma ltrace
make ltrace

and the result was an error all three times. The interesting thing is that tcpdump and strace (both of which are under /external and compiled and built into the the resulting image (ie under system/bin). Any help?


My post got away from me … I followed these steps:

It appears Android disabled the file under ltrace in the “master” branch. Dunno why…something about incompatibility with clang.

Can anyone help with cross compiling ltrace for hikey (i.e. AARCH64 platform) so I can push it onto the OS???