LTE dongles support


I’m thinking of getting the HiKey 960 board for working with Android apps but, in addition to WiFi, I also need LTE connectivity.

Given that the board does not have built-in LTE support, the question is: does the HiKey 960 support LTE USB dongles?

For the sake of clarity: using a WiFi hotspot would not work for me, I’d need the board to actually use the LTE modem.

Thank you very much.

In principle this should work… but I don’t think anyone has yet proved it in practice.

You might need to reconfigure both the kernel (to enable support for the dongle) and maybe also the dongle. The last time I looked into this for someone I came up with:

Unfortunately I’ve not really seen much in the way of success (or failure) reports on any Android system. Its been confirmed working on DB410C with Debian. This runs a v4.4 dervied kernel just as Hikey960 does so we know the kernel side should be OK but configuring Android remains “an exercise for the reader”.