LTE / Cellular connectivity for DragonBoard

Hi All,

How might I go about getting a DragonBoard (running Android) connected to the internet via LTE / Cellular? I’d like to avoid using WiFi via a HotSpot/MiFi or the like, and instead have the DragonBoard connect directly. I understand how to do this via USB LTE Modems under Linux (i.e. Sierra AC313U), just curious if anyone has any pointers for this under Android.


Hi @ampledata,

I am also waiting this Mezzanine to be sold in the market.
It supports LTE and NEO-M7P. Looks very attractive. :slight_smile:

Can you share me with your experience ahout how to do via USB LTE Modems under Linux carefully ?
My dragonboard 410c is running debain -4.4.23.