LS Expansion connector to flex cable

Hi all,

any hints how to connect LS Expansion connector (female 40p, 2mm pitch) with flex cable? Is there cable adapter to this connector available somewhere?
I know that somekind of expansion board is coming, soon I hope but maybe there is other reliable solutions.


I built a “kit” of useful parts to make connecting to the Low Speed connector easier. I bought 10 of each of these but you can buy different quantities, and you do not need all of the parts listed here.

Plus some 1.0mm pitch ribbon cable (qty 1)

Obviously you do not need ALL of these parts. You can connect the female IDC (Insulation Displacement Connectors) to the 1mm pitch ribbon cable simply by pressing them together in a vise. You can then put the male pins in the 2mm connector and attach the female IDC connectors to the male pins. I purchased different sizes because typically you do not need to connect to all of the pins on the low speed connector, just a group. Finally to attach the 2.54mm IDC connectors to the ribbon cable you separate the wires and line them up carefully in the IDC connectors before squeezing them shut. Obviously it is really difficult to line up 40 pins, so this is another reason to use smaller connectors if you don’t need all 40 pins.

when I only need 1 or 2 wires I simply solder the wires directly to the male pins and plug a group into the LS expansion connector. A 8-pin group of male pins is much more stable than a single wire stuffed into the hole.

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