Low resolution display


I am looking at creating a portable project based on the dragonboard the would require a small (2.2"-3.5") low res (around 320x240) display, possibly with a touchscreen as well. I would like to look at how this might be done before committing with a purchase

However having looked through a lot of posts and websites I am unsure of how this would best be done as there seems to be no standard connector for a base screen and all kits seem to be dedicated for the raspberry pi/arduino?

Also in terms of a touchscreen is it easiest to purchase a screen with it built in or would it be possible to ad a resistive display separately?

Thanks in advance for your help and apologies if this seem like a basic question.



You best bet would be to dig out an SPI touchscreen module. This is essentially what the RPi kits are and, in fact, it is perfectly possible to connect the SPI from the DB410C (via a board with a level shifter and some hook up wire) to the RPi kits.

Assuming its a one-off project (so you don’t have to worry about sourcing 1000s all identical) then eBay can be a very good source of parts of this nature (adding “arduino” as a search term can be useful in bringing the hobby boards to the front otf the list).

After that it is “just software” although it may be hard work getting together all the right pieces together… I don’t think there is anything off-the-shelf you can copy.