Little Kernel (LK) bootloader support for Hikey960



We are using Hikey960 board. We wanted know that does Hikey-960 supports LK boot loader ? If yes, where can we find the source code? If no, is there any instruction guide/manual on how to port LK boot loader to Hikey-960.

Does Hikey 960 support Little Kernel(LK) Loader?

AFAIK, there is no existing support of Hikey-960/Kirin in LK (btw Hikey 960 has UEFI/EDK2 support).
The little-kernel upstream source code is available at
But may I ask you why do you want to run LK on Hikey960 ?


Thanks for the information.

Many Android products are using lk boot-loader loader, so we want to use the lk loader.
Second thing we thought of enabling TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) gives more security.


Hikey960 does have OP-TEE support enabled in UEFI/EDK2 firmware. Please refer to doc for build instructions.