Linux support issue on hikey 960


Hi, I’m currently working on hikey 960 board, and I wanna this board with linux host such as debian or ubuntu

And I found that hikey 960 supports debian linux, and actually shows an instruction to flash debian linux to 960 board.

But, when I flash this image, reboot-bootloader or booting was failed after flash.
I think I have same problems as this thread (Error occurs druing procedures of installing Debian).

And also I found this thread (Is there a basic guide to installing Linux on Hikey960?) which mentions that hdmi supporting linux kernel can be found in latest 960 kernel.

So, in summary, from my best understanding,

  1. Currently default debian linux doesn’t support hdmi & usb driver, so when I don’t have any uart daughter board for hikey, I cannot use this linux host.

  2. Secondly, laetest 4.9 linux kernel for 960 supports hdmi and usb drivers, but still if I wanna switch linux kernel into this latest kernel, first I need to flash and boot the debian linux host using uart serial port, and I switch the kernel from grub menu through uart.

  3. So, when I don’t have any uart addon board, I cannot boot this board with linux host.

Is that right??

Additionally, is hikey 960 board supports gicv3 or gicv2? or gicv3 with gicv2 compatible?

Please answer me.



Yes for default Debian Linux, you need UART mezzanine board.

For latest Linux version 4.14-rc7, please use branch. It has support for hdmi and usb drivers.

Hikey960 has integrated GIC-400 which complies to GICv2 architecture.



Thanks for reply,
So then, can I compile and flash the 4.14-rc7 directly without using uart board? or should I firstly boot up my board with uart console, then switch the kernel into 4.14?



@wangmir you need to boot up board with uart console first and then switch to 4.14 kernel. Actually kernel image is part of Debian rootfs as /boot/vmlinuz-4.15-hikey.


Ok, then do you have any guide to make new rootfs from the scratch based on 960 source with 4.14?