Linaro Linux 20.07 Dragonboard845c releases

Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce the new Dragonboard 845c release!,

  • Debian based Linaro 20.07 release for Dragonboard 845c.
  • Linaro OpenEmbedded RPB 20.07 release for Dragonboard 845c.

The Debian and OE releases are usually in sync, and offer different approaches to build Linux system for the Dragonboard 845c.

For more information about this release, please check out the release notes:

The highlights for this release are,

  • Major kernel upgrade to Linux kernel 5.7.7.
  • Major system upgrade from OE zeus to OE dunfell.
  • Major system upgrade from Debian Buster to Debian Sid.
  • Debian SID desktop image based on GNOME3.
  • MESA upgrade to 20.02 in Debian and 20.1.2 in OE RPB.
  • Wireless 802.11 support using ATH10k.
  • HDMI Audio.

This release comes with a firmware update,


It would be nice to see “release” builds for 820c as well, after all, it’s working pretty well with the current snapshots.