Linaro Linux 18.01 releases

hi there,

We are back with a new set of Debian and OpenEmbedded releases!

  • Debian based Linaro 18.01 release for Dragonboard 410c.
  • Linaro OpenEmbedded RPB 18.01 release for Dragonboard 410c.

The Debian and OE releases are usually in sync, and offer different approaches to building Linux system for the Dragonboard 410c.

As mentioned earlier here, our releases are being moved to from now on. For more information about this release, please check out the release notes:

We are in the process of copying the old releases on the new server.

The major highlights for this release are:

  • Major kernel upgrade to Linux kernel 4.14.15 LTS
  • Major system upgrade from Debian Stretch to Buster
  • Major system upgrade from OE morty to OE rocko
  • Many improvements to the WLAN driver, which drastically improve the stability of WLAN and BT.
  • Support for powersave mode in WLAN driver
  • The infrastructure to build the Debian images has been entirely redesigned and is now using Debain FAI tools. It should be much simpler now for anyone to create their own images.
  • qDSP support (and GPS) is currently disabled, and will be renabled soon

As usual, it is very much recommended to run the latest firmware release. There was no change in firmware recently, and it is recommended to use:

Until the next kernel LTS, we are planning to support our 4.14 based kernel branch. In parallel of the Dragonboard 410c, we are also adding support for Dragonboard 820c in the same kernel branch, more information on that soon! In the coming months we are expecting a new firmware release from Qualcomm that will improve WLAN and BT LE, as well as GPS.

Happy hacking

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Is there a bug in the version string for the Debian build? Right now it is
Kernel package name: linux-image-4.14.0-qcomlt-arm64
But shouldn’t that contain ‘4.14.15’ ?

Also, the build URL is dead


no there is no bug, and the name is correct. We are using similar convention as in Debian. The package name shows the major/minor kernel version only, and the full kernel version (with the patch number) is in the package version.

linux-image-4.14.0-qcomlt-arm64 → 4.14.15-00139-g5511441d1b48-20

The .0 is here to indicate the kernel ABI. So in case we make a major ABI break (with a KConfig change) , we are supposed to increase it and use a different kernel package, otherwise a new patch release would just be a package version upgrade.

Here is a link to Debian kernel package, where you can see it’s done the same way:


Have Qualcomm released the new firmware to improve WLAN, BT LE, and GPS?

Has qDSP support (and GPS) been re-enabled in any of the recent snapshots?



I read about a new release of a linaro image, which will again support GPS with a new SW stack, is there already a release date planned ?


for various unrelated reasons, this was delayed. It should have happened before the Summer. My best bet at this point is that it will happen in Aug, worst case b/o September.


Do you have any updates on the next formal release?