Linaro Linux 17.06 releases

hi there,

We are back with a new release! And we are please to announce not one, but 2 releases :wink:

  • Debian based Linaro 17.06 release for Dragonboard 410c.
  • Linaro OpenEmbedded RPB 17.06 release for Dragonboard 410c.

We are now providing formal releases (e.g. prebuilt) for OpenEmbedded , on top of our typical Debian based releases. The Debian and OE releases will usually be in sync, and offers different approaches to building Linux system for the Dragonboard 410c.

For more information about this release, please check out the release notes:

A few important notes about this release:

  • The Linux kernel has been upgraded to 4.9.34 (LTS).
  • The user space for the Debian release is based on Debian stretch (9.0) and LXQt desktop environment
  • The user space for the OpenEmbedded released is based on OpenEmbedded morty version (aka Yocto Project v2.2)

We are willing to make it easier for anyone to contribute content (new platforms, bug fixes, new features… ) into our release, if you are interested, please have a look at “how to contribute”.

As usual, feel free to use the 96boards forum for any assistance.

Happy Hacking,

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There seems to be an issue with the latest build and H.264 video encode support. I created a new topic with further details and logs.