; curl: (60) SSL certificate problem unable to get local issuer certificate

Hi sirs,

I has excuted file from linaro release website. The script file run to “download the android code” segment have something wrong.

the log message shown as below

  1. I already tried to use curl -h command for avoiding CA certificate issue, but it is useless
  2. I also try to fix as curl “https://”, it is also useless
  3. Anybody suffer from this issue? please tell me solution


I think this is a consequence of our git servers transitioning to a new www interface. The new links look like: .

Are you trying to rebuild one of the old AOSP images we used to offer for Hikey? If so, please note that Hikey support was merged in the AOSP so if you are trying to build an Android image for the Hikey you are much better off using the instructions for the AOSP: .

Hi Danielt,

Thanks for your reply in advance. I just got Hikey620 board now. I am trying to establish build environment. Because I found command file from release link of 96 board website, so maybe it is older command sequence. So you suggest Hikey620 following instruction for AOSP is better, right?
I would like to do LCD porting with mipi DSI interface.


Yes. I don’t think we have published or updated any AOSP-derived images since Hikey was accepted into AOSP early last year. We have offered some test images based on AndroidTV for Hikey but they are probably not what you are looking for.