Lil Debi on Hikey960

Has anyone installed Lil Debi or anything similar on their HiKey 960 board? If so can you please share the steps involved? If not, is there any progress as to how long it will take to have Linux running on this board without using UART?

We do have openembedded images for the hikey 960 if you want to run linux:

But if you are specifically looking to run it on android.

I have used this app before:
but not on the hikey 960, although it should just work

If you have issues with root then try

Thanks for the reply. Ideally I would like to run linux in a non-android environment. Are there instructions as to how to install the openembedded images on the board? Will I need a UART for that?

As for the second link, do you know of any su binaries which I can use to give the root privileges to the app? Are there any techniques to “root” the board so that the apps can have privileged access?

The third link looks good and I would like to use that as the final option. Ultimately I want a linux distro which does not run in android and also does not require UART for installation.

Are there any updates as to when the Hikey 960 will be able to provide a Linux distribution without using UART?

I think this is already possible using the OpenEmbedded meta-96boards layer: