LeMaker Cello ECC memory support

Hi there!

Seems like I finally found good enough ARM board. I wanna buy It, but only 2 things stops me from doing that:

  1. Poor specs. Is it cat in a sack?
Two SATA ports
There is SATA 1/SATA 2/SATA 3 exist in this world. Which one is used?
1 GBe Ethernet
Is it real 1 GB ethernet adapter (which gives me at least 900 Mb/sec using iperf) or like others poor boards (~500 Mb/sec using iperf)?
Two DDR3 SO-DIMM sockets
So, I can put any SO-DIMM memory, right? How about "Crucial SODIMM DDR3-1600 16384MB C3-12800"? DDR3L is available or not?
  1. There is no info about ECC. Such powerful machine should be better for server usage instead of desktop. And ECC for servers is crucial. I really need it.

So… this answer comes from the product brief for the AMD Opteron A1120 (http://www.amd.com/Documents/A-Hierofalcon-Product-Brief.pdf ) and the Cello schematic diagram (not yet public). The boards are pretty hard to come by at the moment so I can’t do any real world tests.


  • SATA uses the A1120 built in SATA controllers (so should be SATA3)
  • Ethernet is provided by an RTL8111GS hooked up to the SoC using PCIe
  • I'm afraid I can't comment on which SO-DIMMs will/won't work. However there is a note on the schematic that indicates ECC is not merely supported; it is mandatory!