LCD Screen not working for Optee + Android in Hikey

Hello everyone,

I installed optee + android to Hikey board successfully. Then, I plugged my 7inch LCD Screen via HDMI. But, screen is not working.

How can I do for that without breaking optee + android?

@tesmnorth At this point op-tee has nothing to do with the screen so there’s really no need to mention it since that will only serve to confuse others who might be thinking of replying to this thread as having a screen there or not will not break or make op-tee.

Have you tried setting/changing the monitor resolution based on as you’ve mentioned before in the other thread? Maybe also search for ‘adb change resolution’ and try changing the resolution via adb to see if that helps. E.g. android - how to use adb to change resolution of device - Stack Overflow.

I got it. But, I cant use adb command. (It returns no permission log). I also enabled usb before building. After building I also used setprop command and restart adb. But nothing was changed.

Try adb root first?

@vchong My LCD screen gets energy from touch screen cable. I dont know this. :slight_smile: I connected it and it works :slight_smile: Thank you

@tesmnorth not sure what a touch screen cable is but glad you got it to work. You’re welcome.