Latest Camera support for Dragonboard 410c


Dear Experts

Looking for latest camera support with unlocked Camera HAL for implementing 4A camera features. Please can you suggest me the camera and how to get vendor support for modifying the HAL

Thanks in advance


I’m afraid I don’t really understand very much of the question!

What are 4A camera features? What OS are you running on the DB410C? What camera sensor do you have?


Hello Danielt
Looking for a sensor to buy, which can be integrated to Dragon board, to do the following Auto Focus, Auto Whitebalance, Auto Exposure and Auto Gain (this is additional feature). I need support of HAL so I can modify the HAL code. Hope I could explain it well. Thanks in Advance.


Understood. I’m afraid I don’t think there is any public information that can help much here.

For Debian, only very basic transforms such as decoding, scaling and cropping are support: . Any additional image processing would have to run in software on C-A53, known working sensors are mentioned in the release notes.

For Android, I am not aware of any publicly available documentation on how to exploit the CSI interfaces.


Hi @protocoder

The operation of the 4A system in Qualcomm chips is considered to be a trade secret, as such Qualcomm generally does not support raw Bayer cameras on the DragonBoard family. Only cameras with built-in ISP are supported (such as Omnivision OV5645). There are a very few Bayer cameras with binary only support in Android (none on Debian/OE), however most of these cameras modules are already obsolete (camera modules typically have a production lifespan of about 8 months).

Contact your Arrow rep about this. Arrow has a couple of camera partners that have appropriate Qualcomm licenses and access to the documentation and tools, they can tune a specific camera module for your product, for a fee.

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Thank you Ijking and danielt.
I tried to reach Arrow, I told I need to pick up an engineer myself in their website, and discuss so I did the same and I will update you all about my progress. Not getting good support unfortunately. Our team is bit stranded and knocking me every day for camera to start working. Any help would be really appreciated, in identifying closest camera to buy with relevant license to buy. Thank you Ijking, for the direction. Thank you all.


Hi Anand @protocoder

If you need a camera that works, you can use the Leopard Imaging OV5640 module from Arrow, this is the same module that is used on the D3 Camera mezzanine board This camera works with 96Boards Linux (it has a build-in ISP). For quick prototyping I would suggest you start with the D3 Camera Mezzanine kit and a DragonBoard 410c.

Full Disclosure: I am an employee of Qualcomm Canada, any opinions I may have expressed in this or any other post may not reflect the opinions of my employer.


Thank you ijking

Much appreciated really. Is it ok to have further discussion, Is it feasible to develop our own ISP, by disabling the ISP which comes with the Camera Sensor. Any good book, links to manage the encoder/decoder and get expertise on drivers, HAL and ISP. Many thanks