Latest Android Version can not debug


410C Android latest Version Can Build successfully,
the Method of download Android code
repo init -u git:// -b release -m LA.BR.1.2.7-01010-8x16.0.xml
repo sync -c --no-tags -j4
and then source build/, lunch msm8916_64-userdebug, make -j4。
but, After flash to 410C Board, This Android image bringup failed

Is there anybody know which version we should used On 410C Board(8016) ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @yanzm

Your basic procedure is correct, however you missed one step. After you download the generic APQ8016 source code, you need to apply the patches that are specific to the 410c Dragonboard.

To rebuild the Android image, look at this page
Getting Started and find the “Software build and installation guide” and the “Android Release Notes”. Follow the instructions in the build and installation guide to build the version referred to in the release notes.

Hope this helps.

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Hi ljking and All

Thanks for your reply,
According to the contents of “Android Release Notes”,
download source code
apply the patches to source code and build the Android image,
flash these image to 410c board, Android system startup normally,
but Prompt error message “ has stopped”
How should I fix this problem ?

I look at this page 8 of “lm80-p0436-41_android_rel_notes_la.br_.1.2.4-01810-8x16.0.pdf”,
The following description is described in this document.
“The current DragonBoard 410c Android release does not support MIPI-CSI camera. It is being considered for a future release.”
I want DragonBoard 410c Android version which support MIPI-CSI camera, How should i download source code?

Thanks so much.