KiteBoard - New modem enabled board with 410 series SoC

Various folks in this forum have tried to integrate a modem with the 410c. So I am hoping this may be something of interest here.

I am part of a team that makes KiteBoard. This is a compact board based on the MSM8916 (which is similar to the SoC used in 410c). Since it’s an MSM, it supports LTE/3G/2G, in addition to all the other goodies of the Snapdragon. KiteBoard can be powered by a battery. It has u.Fl connectors for all antennas (RF/WiFi/GPS). Also, generic connectors for a display (+touch), 2 x cameras, and a 120 pin expansion connector for everything else.

KiteBoard runs Android for now, but we are in the process of porting Linux on it. Complete specs of the board are available at online.

We also have a 5" LCD, 8 MP camera (with AF), and various other items as part of a kit… that we will be getting soon to Kickstarter. (Shameless plug: the website has more info including an intro video. Please subscribe for updates if this interests you)

Any feeback, suggestions & questions are most welcome!