Keyboard and Mouse

First time boot and Keyboard and mouse don’t work. Is there some configuring I need to do?

I’m not using the Micro-USB in the center which by my understanding is higher priority than the two Standard USBs.

Any hints on how to start troubleshooting this? The keyboard and mouse were initially hooked up to a KVM. I connected them directly to the board and got the same result. The keyboard and mouse work on my other system.

I also get a pop up saying:

—Openbox Syntax Error—
One or more XML syntax errors were found while parsing the Openbox configuration files. See stdout for more information. The last error was in file “/home/pi/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml” line 1, with message: Start tag expected, “<” not found\

EDIT: Grammar

Never mind. I got it. Always check your KVM hookups.

The Openbox syntax error is still being investigated though.