Kernel Module Programming Getting Started HELP!

Dear All,

We are extremely new to Linux and kernel module programming, Could you please help us with following

  1. Where do we get started for kernel module programming of DragonBoard 410C, What software ? What libraries are req ? What compilers ? What OS ?

  2. Are there any tutorials/videos for kernel module programming of DragonBoard 410C?

  3. Any general tutorials which you would recommend so we get some basic knowledge about Kernel Module Programming ?

Shashank J

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In reality is actually pretty rare for people to develop kernel modules standalone for embedded platforms. The vast majority of kernel developors for these platform just build the kernel and modules together. In fact AFAIR almost all the useful drivers for DB410C are compiled directly into the kernel anyway. As such I’d recommend you start by following the guide in the release notes about how to build your own kernel (scroll down):

I’m not really sure what tutorials to recommend though. Linux Device Drivers was an excellent book when it was released but is growing a little out of date now. I’m afraid I’ve been doing this for a bit too long to know if there is a more recent alternative!