Kernel 5.8 or newer for DragonBoard 845c

Open-source turnip driver requires kernel 5.8 or later (or a 5.7 kernel with syncobjs patch applied) to enable vulkan support on this HW. This requirement was added recently to Mesa master branch.

Is there any plan to release a debian image with that kernel soon? If not, can you share the instructions to generate a boot image that boots in RB3 board?

hey, I thought we had a wiki page for that… but looks like we don’t.

However we have one for Dragonboard 410c, and the procedure is very similar on 845c:

That should be enough to get you started, to compile your own kernel and create a boot image. Note that you need to use pagesize=4096 (not 2048) on 845c (and on 820c).

Thanks a lot for your answer!