Kernel 5.10: gpio_to_irq failed with error no -6 for the GPIO9

My driver module used gpio9 as interrupt line with kernel 5.10 version but unable to use it because of gpio_to_irq api getting failed.
Below are my observation.

  1. DTS parsing looks ok and getting gpio pin number as 370

  2. Whenever gpio_to_irq() API called returning error -6

  3. In the camera module this GPIO9 was used in dts config but we have commented 4. out also cross checked corresponding camera driver module config not enabled in .config

  4. This GPIO9 problem observed with 5.10 kernel but same gpio was working fine on
    5.4 kernel

  5. If just changed other gpio number it works fine in 5.10 kernel but we need to make it
    work with GPIO9 only since our HW designed for that.

  6. Below is my dts config
    &spi7 {
    // On High speed expansion
    label = “HS-SPI1”;
    status = “okay”;
    XYZ@0 {
    compatible = “ppp,xyz”;
    reg = <0>;
    spi-max-frequency = <25000000>;
    /* GPIO9 /
    ppp,pp200-irq = <&tlmm 9 0>;
    GPIO83 (PIN 19) */
    ppp,pp200-reset = <&tlmm 83 0>;

Anybody have idea on this issue?

@danielt @Loic Any idea on this issue?

@doitright can you please help me on this issue?