Just wondered if anyone wanted to join

As I patrol the forum it looks to me like there a bunch of folks with plans to use one of the 96Boards to make a high feature car radio and/or in-car computer.

Just wondered if anyone wanted to join in a show and tell or general discussion on ideas?

This is mostly selfishly motivated. I’m struggling to find a single DIN car radio with a decent UI for selecting tracks from a filesystem and so I am debating whether to put up with poor UI or whether to invest the time and build one.

So personally I’m most interested in discussing the case and electronics challenges but I don’t want to dictate the scope.

I sell a mezzanine board for automotive use. The “building” aspect basically involves connecting an automotive pigtail that matches your car, mounting it in your dashboard, and coming up with a display that fits the space you have available.


Near the bottom you can find the links to the software repositories.
You can contact me through my website if you are interested in pursuing this.

Note regarding use of the Dragonboard 820c: My work is all done on the “older” version, which has UFS for internal storage. The ones currently for sale have eMMC instead. Since I haven’t had the opportunity to work with the eMMC version, I am not aware of exactly what changes need to be made to work with it.