Just got my 410C Board


Just got my 410C board. I am puzzled by this general fascination for small footprint boards. It makes hooking up anything a pain in the butt. I guess we will have to blame Raspberry Pi foundation for starting this madness.

Other than that Android booted up without any issues. However I did not see a browser in the preloaded applications. Also I just realized that I cannot use the OTG port and USB host at the same time.


I read in one of the threads on this forum, that the motivation for the 2.0 mm header wasn’t space, but rather to prevent people from getting confused and assuming 3.3 volt IO, where these boards are 1.8 volt.

Frankly, nothing about the header pin spacing implies voltage. Nothing there distinguishes between 3.3 and 5 volt, so why should there be a special size to imply 1.8 volt? It also has proven to be a totally ineffective means of distinguishing, since there is an instance on this forum already of someone hooking 3.3 volt devices onto the 2.0 mm header!

At least they use a full size HDMI plug and not those flimsy micro-HDMI plugs like IFC uses.

The USB issue is more about the SoC than the board design. This SoC only has a single USB port, so multiple USB ports are actually added by including a USB hub IC. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve USB slave (for ADB/fastboot/etc.) is by physically switching the USB pins on the SoC from the switch to the uUSB socket. This is all detailed in the technical documentation.

Hi Vasant,

Congrats! It’s a pretty sweet board!

To give you some insight, the small footprint helps to keep the size of the overall device pretty small.

Enjoy. Cheers.