J7, J8, J9 - Let me take a new approach to my Question on Packet Loss for Peer to Peer

I have successfully provisioned a tiny USB WIFI device to resolve the packet loss over the internal WI-FI direct service.Since all my research and efforts to get help with this problem have ended in failure I have another question that might be easier.

Is there a way I can use one of the internal jumpers etiher J7, J8, or J9 to connect a female USB connection to add my USB WIFI device and hide it inside of my case?

Thank you much for any help!

There is a D+/D- pair on the 60-pin “high speed” connector (the white one) and there is a 5V0 power supply on the 40 pin “low speed” connector. Power supply has no current limiter or other hardening so if you plan to hotplug you would need to have that on the daughterboard.

Thank you Daniel. I will look into it. We have resolved this issue with an $11 USB dongle but not able to get the On-Board item working.

FYI all I just found out that the WIFI direct services has known packet loss issues and has not been resolved as it has become a low priority. Apparently no one is using this feature and therefore it has not been prioritized. Holding 450 Units and needing another 3k with this feature working. Tough Spot.

Best of luck!

The D+/D- signals on the HS connector are attached to the same hub as the USB type A sockets on the front so if you can get it hooked up electrically it should make no difference whether the dongle is hooked up internally or externally.

This is great information. Thank you.