Is Vamrs still in business?

Do they still exist? My last order made in February has still not been sent.

What can I do?

If you made an order that long ago and they still haven’t shipped it and they’re not responding to email, then it sounds like you’re out of luck. IMMEDIATELY contact your credit card company and try to get that charge reversed, but being that the transaction happened 6 months ago… good luck.

I know that they cost a lot more, but you’d be much better off with a qualcomm board. DB820c easily outperforms those rockchip toasters, and it comes from Arrow electronics.

Yeah, they are still here.
I will let them feedback to you. Can you leave out your email address?

Hi, Jason

Thanks for your concern. Vamrs is still running and doing better and better.

You ordered the vmarc rk3399pro highest configuration which is out of stock at the moment. The order was put during the COVID-19 in China and everything was a mess at that time. We did not notice that your order was not cancelled. We just cancelled your order and refunded. Please check it.

Thank you very much for getting back to me. I am sorry to hear that this situation caused so much trouble. I appreciate you refunding my money. I am looking forward to purchasing more products from you in the future. Is there any way to check back to know when things might be in stock again?