Is there any known issues with the hikey spi


Hi Guys,

I have a slave when I connected it to the spi of the hikey, it is behaving weird.

But when I connect my device to the i2c, it is working fine.

When I used the spi frequency as 11MHz I faced issue, so I moved to 4MHz to solve it.

Is the spi don’t support bulk write or is it has some kind of issues?
I am currently debugging this one.
Do you guys have any information that I can use to do the things faster?

LeMaker HiKey SPI speed config

What is the freq on i2c? Also 11MHz?

The hikey uses pl022 for spi and based on the pl022 spec [1], freq = clock / (cpsdvr * (1 + scr)). If my calcs are right, the clock is 150mhz [2] and the minimum for cpsdvr and scr is 2 and 0 respectively, giving us a max freq of 75mhz, so 11mhz should be ok. That said, I’ve never really tried anything beyond 500khz (default in spidev_test). Perhaps you can try spidev_test first with a higher speed to see if it works?