Is there a ARM-v8 development board supporting TZASC+TZPC+optee?

These days I’ve been searching for some information about how to enable TZASC+TZPC on Hikey960 board , at last I realized it’s almost impossible to get some public information , so I gave up.

Now I’m looking for a ARM-V8 development board that supports OP-TEE and allows developers to configure memory and peripherals using TZASC and TZPC .

It seems that i.MX 8M Evaluation Kit is a good option . I found some information to build optee on i.MX 8M Evaluation Kit with yocto project . But it seems that the development board is not in the optee support list , so I am not sure if it would work . Can anyone help me?

It looks like OP-TEE platform support list hasn’t been updated with i.MX 8M platform support. Following upstream patch adds corresponding support:

commit 42615b81f3f7b3bebd6a8e2b5e325ac477bc4e4b
Author: Peng Fan <>
Date:   Thu Dec 6 14:06:24 2018 +0800

    plat-imx: add i.MX8MQ/MM EVK support
    Add i.MX8MQ/MM EVK support.
    i.MX8M family use Cortex-A53 as the CPU core, the i.MX8MQ EVK has
    3GB DRAM memory, and i.MX8MM EVK has 2GB DRAM memory.
    Signed-off-by: Peng Fan <>
    Acked-by: Jerome Forissier <>

So I would suggest you to contact platform maintainer (Peng Fan regarding steps to boot OP-TEE on i.MX 8M evaluation kit.

BTW, I guess you should probably look at TF-A code as most of the configuration for TZASC or TZPC is done at BL31 stage in case of ARMv8. Like in case of i.MX 8M which seems to support TZC380 IP as evident from TF-A code.

Thank you for your quick reply! I will contact Peng Fan regarding steps to build optee on i.MX 8M evaluation kit.

As for whether imx8m supports TZASC and TZPC, TZASC (tzc380) and CSU are mentioned in this manual. I need take some effort to get the security manual of i.MX 8M evaluation kit, but there is a high probability that it can be done because the security manual of i.MX6 is public. Any progress will be shared in time.

Thanks again, wish you a wonderful day!