Is the source code in known-as-good manifest version android-Q?

Our research projection requires working on android-Q, now I downloaded a known-as-good version, how can I check what version it is?

I downloaded the latest/hikey960.xml, which is 3 months ago.

From UI->Settings->About Phone->Android version, display “R”, version R didn’t published yet, right?

Jasmine Gu

It is all from the master branch. Consider it to be somewhere between version P and R. It is more than P, with elements of Q and R added to it, but not all of Q or R.

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Ok, later than Q is fine for us. Thanks very much for your reply.

Jasmine Gu

No. Later than P. Q has not been merged into public master yet. It only has some elements of Q and R – those elements contributed by the public, and select/few elements contributed by Google. Google’s internal Q has NOT been merged into public master yet.

oh, hmmmm, will confirm with our team whether the current version is fine.

Thanks very much.

Jasmine Gu

You can anticipate android Q code to be released around October.