Is the Hi6220V100 boot ROM source code available?

In the Hi6220V100
In Table B.1 the address 0xFFFF0000 deescribe a bootrom section,

Does this code is available?
Is this bootrom used in the Hikey boot?


It’s used, but does not seem like the board vendor has made it available.
What do you need it for? Everything else after that (ARM Trusted Firmware, UEFI/EDK2, Linux) is available at


I guess is only the old same question “We have ALL the code and is open & we now what is doing”,
more in the sense of security.
We are searching for a complete open plataform for a new box, security is very important, we find the hikey, very good price/performance and TrustZone/firmware open, just this small piece of rom code …


Sorry. We can only refer you to See bootloader tab:
“At least one open source bootloader shall be provided for the board that executes immediately after the internal SoC startup code. The source for this bootloader should be available from a publicly accessible site or integrated into the bootloader trees on